A Leading Research, Advisory and Training Centre

Advancing International Law and Constitutionalism in Africa

The Lex Lata Centre is a premier organization dedicated to the study and advancement of international law, human rights, democracy and constitutionalism across Africa.

With a diverse team of experts from top academic institutions globally, we conduct policy-oriented research, provide technical advice and assistance, and deliver capacity-building programs to promote good governance, economic growth and sustainable development in Africa.

  • Multidisciplinary Research and Insights
  • Advising African Nations on Legal Reforms
  • Building Capacity of Key Institutions

Who We Are

The Lex Lata Centre for International Law and Comparative Constitutionalism in Africa is a constituent organization of the Lex Lata Group. The Lex Lata Group is a not-for-profit entity founded on five core values: Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Value Creation, and Value Addition. All activities of the Group are built around and geared towards a consistent reflection of these values. The cardinal goals of the Lex Lata Group include the following:

  • To be the foremost research conglomerate in Africa by the year 2035.
  • To inspire, encourage, and actively promote a knowledge-driven economy throughout Africa.
  • To make Africa the hub of research on Africa.
  • To train generations of African researchers and policy-makers to be excellent thought leaders with the capacity to provide African solutions to African challenges.
  • To produce policy-oriented and Africa-driven research that strikes at the very heart of African problems.

The Lex Lata Centre for International Law and Comparative Constitutionalism in Africa is a research, advocacy, and advisory organization dedicated to the comprehensive and systematic exposition of international law and constitutionalism in Africa. In addition, we advise governments and international organizations on matters relating to international law (private and public), justice, the rule of law, human rights, constitutionalism, and democracy on the African continent. Our researchers, analysts and consultants are from a broad range of backgrounds in law, social sciences and the humanities. Many of them hold degrees from leading academic institutions in the world.

What We Do

Our research and technical expertise span the broad areas of international law (private and public), international development, democracy, human rights, constitutionalism, conflict prevention, crisis management and peace-building. We advise and assist public and private institutions in formulating and designing legislative, policy, and constitutional reform in these areas. The knowledge-sharing programs listed above will be delivered through bespoke workshops, seminars, conferences, and briefing sessions.

We also provide technical training and continuing legal education to personnel of parliamentary and judicial institutions, civil society organisations, electoral bodies, law firms, law schools and other organizations involved in legislative activities, justice administration, and legal advocacy in Africa. Our training is delivered through bespoke workshops, seminars, round-tables, and conferences

The work of the organization is principally implemented through the following knowledge-sharing, knowledge application, and capacity-building programs:

  • Consultancy & Technical Training: For the Legislature, Judiciary, Government Ministries and Agencies, Local and International NGOs, Law Firms, and Law Schools.
  • Advisory projects: For Government Agencies, the Legislature, Local and International NGOs, Law Firms, and Law Schools.
  • Advocacy: On issues of Human Rights, Public Ethics, and Good Governance.

Our Commitment

Africa is currently on the cusp of economic renaissance but the continent is plagued by poor governance, corruption, terrorism and war. The solution to these and associated problems lies in a knowledge-driven economy in which research is policy-oriented and policy is research-led. It is our aim at Lex Lata to inspire and actively promote this knowledge-driven economy. Our ultimate goal is to be the foremost International and Constitutional law organization in Africa.