Short Course on International Criminal Law

  • Intensive training on the fundamental principles of international criminal law - the sources, institutions, procedures and key concepts relating to war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and aggression.
    Delivered by the Director of the Lex Lata Centre, Dr. Oluwole Kunuji.

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Short Course on International Law and State Building

  • Training on international law issues relating to state building and reconstruction in post-conflict societies.
    Covers self-determination, recognition of states/governments, territorial integrity, human rights obligations in interventions, legitimacy of international administrations, and more.

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The Lex Lata Career Seminar

  • The Lex Lata Career Seminar aims to provide students with necessary information to aid their career choices in law.
    The Seminar has panel sessions, in which experts in various areas of law discuss their career journey, and answer questions from students.
    The second edition of the Career Seminar held in August 2022, with 335 registrations from 51 universities across 4 continents.

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The Lex Lata International Law Webinar

  • The Centre’s first webinar on International Law was held in November 2020.
    The webinar was titled: Is The ICC Biased Against Africa?
    The speaker was Dr. Ayodele Akenroye, an Immigration Judge of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada who is also a seasoned professional in international criminal law, having worked previously for the International Criminal Court and other organizations.

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The Lex Lata Summer School

  • The Lex Lata Summer School is a two-weeks intensive crash course in International Law for Lawyers, Academics, Graduate Students, and Public Officers who are interested in understanding the basics or deepening and enhancing their understanding of different Private and Public International Law subjects.
    Certificates of Completion are issued to those who attend and complete the summer school.

Lex Lata Public and International Law in Africa Conference

  • The Lex Lata Public and International Law Conference is aimed at rigorously discussing and examining public and international law issues in Africa.


Ben Nwabueze Lecture

  • Saturday, 17th of July, 2022

Lex Lata Career Seminar 2022

  • Saturday, 14th of August, 2022

Law Summer School

  • Monday, 16th of August, 2022 to Saturday, 21st of August, 2022

Public and International Law Conference

  • Friday, 3rd of September, 2022 to Saturday, 4th of September, 2022