Short Course on International Law and State Building

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This course provides detailed insight into international law issues relating to the operation of states. The course will critically evaluate topics like:

  • The law of treaties and its applicability to states.
  • State creation and state responsibility in international law.
  • The rights and duties of states in relation to international investments.
  • International investment arbitration.
  • Peacebuilding and constitution-making in African states.
  • Democracy, rule of law, and international human rights.
Course Fee: ₦10,500.00

Course Lead:

Dr. Wole Kunuji LLM(Cantab), Ph.D(Warwick)

Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Lex Lata Centre for International Law and Comparative Constitutionalism in Africa.

Upon completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • The importance and applicability of treaties in the operation of states.
  • How states are created and the responsibilities of states under international law.
  • The rising importance of international investments and the role of arbitration in the settlement of investment disputes.
  • How peace is initiated and established in conflict-ridden countries and states emerging from conflict.
  • Practical approaches to democratic constitution-making.
  • The role of democracy, rule of law, and human rights in state building.

Target Participants

Ideal for legal practitioners, officials of the Ministry of Justice, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, government officials engaged in stabilisation and reconstruction programmes, and students.

Course Format

Interactive online classes via Zoom enabling discussions with the instructor and other participants.